Akti Belvedere
Akti Belvedere

Akti Belvedere

Welcome to Akti Belvedere, a private retreat for a relaxing summer vacation!
Located amidst lush pine trees, where the waves break right in front of you , Akti Belvedere welcomes families and couples every summer who want to enjoy a unique holiday experience!

The privileged location of Akti Belvedere inspires its unique decoration, which blends a high level of comfort with modern perception and a warm, welcoming environment. From the outdoor areas to the rooms and suites, each place has been designed in an attention-to-detail manner, creating the ideal feeling for relaxation.

For those who want to start their day early in the morning Akti Belvedere welcomes its customers from 08:30 offering a remarkable variety of al a carte coffee and breakfast. Then you can enjoy the beauty of the sea or the swimming pool or just come to the restaurant for lunch or dinner under the sound of the waves.


The rooms and suites of Akti Belvedere are designed to offer the ultimate living experience, meeting every contemporary requirement of our guests. There are available four types of apartments


In a family-friendly environment for children and couples, Akti Belvedere becomes a private relaxing retreat for quality holiday time. Enjoy the unique moments of carelessness in the area of ​​the beautiful pool of the hotel, before diving in the crystal clear waters of the sea…

Gastro Experience

In a harmonious environment, specially designed in a modern lounge decoration, you have the opportunity to enjoy a rich variety of appetizers and more, fresh salads, seafood, meat as well as delicious snacks, created from fresh local products according to the principles of the authentic Greek cuisine.


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The wider area in Pachis beach is a unique natural treasure of the dense green of the pines and the blue crystal clear waters of the Aegean.